Accidents Happen, But Accidents Like This Only Happen to Me

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And I started this week with such high motivation…

I was at the gym at 6 AM on Monday morning. Had a nice 25-minute workout but then I had to get ready for work. I was in the shower at the Y and my shampoo fell and rolled into another stall. Bright me, I decided to crouch down and just reach for it. Well, I twisted my hip in a very painful way. Then I stood up and passed out from the pain.

They took me to the ER. VERY embarrassing and painful. I can’t lift my left leg hardly at all, which makes exercise seem impossible at this point. Plus when I’m sick I just want to eat. I haven’t eaten everything in the house, which is good, but we did order pizza on Tuesday night, and last night Adam and I had roast chicken and stuffing.

Tonight is salmon, which sadly is high-WW point even though it’s so good for you. I need to have a frozen meal for lunch, but I’m going to PeiWei instead. I don’t understand their calories on their website vs. what is on the DWLZ website. Ack.

Off to lunch.

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