Grief, In More Ways Than One

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I’m feeling sad today. And it’s my 2-year-anniversary. Not sad about that, just about the human condition.

Am I the only person alive about the age of 12 who still thinks some things are inappropriate? I get uncomfortable at nudity in movies! Especially when it is just crude, like Wedding Crashers. I am alarmed by people who think Wedding Crashers was a good movie.

I like to think of myself as an artist type–I am a writer, at least in my head. I love art and writing and music and the like. But I watched the movie Frida this weekend and was fairly scandalized by the nudity, sex scenes, including homosexual ones. I think that’s a good thing, unlike what people might tell me. Being a Christian, I think I should still be offended by things that offend God. I don’t want to be judgmental, but I do want to walk in light!

Thought 2, I am kind of starting phase 1 of South Beach today (again). Except I had 3 dark chocolate Hershey kisses. But not like 3 Hershey bars or anything. They were sitting there melting all over everything in my purse including my nice new cell phone.

Everyone at work is at a funeral today for the son of a guy who works in this department. The boy was just going to be a senior in high school. Football player, played in the church’s worship band, good student, witnessed to friends. Makes it very confusing to know what God is thinking sometime, but I know I am not one to try to compare my thinking to God’s. In my heart, I know that He knows best and I am ridiculous to think I might know better. He has a plan.


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