Well, Hm.

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Well, hm. It’s one o’clock and I feel like I have gotten nothing done yet today. Not that I have tons to do, but still! We had an “emergency” meeting this morning at 10:05. Well everyone gets down there and waits for the manager until 10:30. Then they tell us they’ve let go 5 people in our department, one of whom has been at the company 35 years. Holy schmoly. Not anyone in my immediate section, but our “sister” section I guess is how you’d put it. I work on Undated materials for Adults for a publishing company, and this is the dated materials section.

So that was strange, and then it was lunchtime, went and had a nice lunch in the cafeteria–Smart Ones and salad. And a cappuccino. And some cookies. Sigh. But not a ton, in fact, somehow my calories are only adding up to 950 for the whole day? How is that possible? I am sure I just underestimate portion sizes and stuff. I eat when I am hungry and I eat plenty, I am sure!

I am so tired, this weekend was exhausting. Friday Mr. V and I had talked about going to see the new Pirates movie, but with my hip and the heat by the night I was too exhausted. Sat morning we took the car in to get new tires, aligned, oil changed ($450!!!!) and then we went to a wedding, went shopping, and went to the theatre where we have season tickets. Sunday we went to church, and then Mr. V went to work and I went on a cooking spree. I think we have enough meals to get us through until the move next week. SO excited about it finally being here! Our very own home. 🙂 But I feel SO incredibly stressed right now. I would like to crawl into a box and sleep for a few days!


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