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Oops! I didn’t realize it had been such a long time since I posted. Not that I think anyone cares especially, but if someone follows my link here they should have something to read, right? Plus, I like to write and it’s good for me.

Work has just been boring this week. I am not sure whether I created this idea in my head that it would be a good week to do nothing, or if I really have nothing to do … but really, I have done very little this week that’s been productive. Especially going to a two-hour meeting on Monday morning … BLAH! It was terrible.

I’m going to a new book club tonight–a little worried about that. I am just not good with big groups of strangers. But I have to remember in my old book club I was the stranger and it only took a few times to meet everyone. Of course, I hope I fit in a little better with this group. That being the reason I stopped going to the old book club. We are going to talk about The Secret Life of Bees, which I love. It was a treat to re-read it! I hope we have some good discussion tonight. It’s been at least since … May, I think, since I went to a book club and we barely talked about the book then. And it was Goodnight Nobody which is a fluff book.

Megs, I am seriously disappointed that you liked Moby Dick! I’m not sure we can be friends anymore. 😛

My parents are coming in this weekend. I think it will be fun. I want to actually plan some activities though because we can tend to just sit around and stare at each other. We’re definitely going to Station Inn on Sunday night for their open mike night (aka bluegrass hoedown!) and because it’s Jennifer’s birthday. My dad will LOVE it. I am so excited he’ll finally get to see it!

I think Saturday we might go to the Cheekwood Botanical Gardens. Mr. V might hate it a little but I think he’ll manage! I would love to go shopping at Opry Mills, but since we are so broke right now it probably wouldn’t be a good idea. Have to wait a few more months to buy clothes … I wish I didn’t like clothes so much!

Well, off to read or something …


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