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I finished reading The Jade Peony by Wayson Choy last night, which was really different and highly enjoyable. It’s about a family in Vancouver Chinatown. There are three parts, and each part is written by a different child. Each part touches on familiar subjects: family struggle, age differences, being an alien in your own culture, etc. But the way Choy dealt with them was unique and very much unlike anything I’ve read dealing with the Chinese before.

The third part of the book is the longest and narrated by Sekky, the youngest son. He is the only one in the family actually born in Canada, I think. His mother calls him stupid because he can’t learn the traditional Chinese names for all the relatives and friends, they think he is too interested in Canadian stuff. I would highly recommend it as a good read!

I am so excited to just go HOME tonight and relax. I plan on sitting my bottom on the couch and refusing to get up all night. If I can deal with the guilt of having the house staying a disgusting mess then I might be able to actually stay seated! I just need to rest so badly. Finishing painting the kitchen can wait for the weekend. What harm will one more day do?

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