Frightened and Grieving

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This whole VA tech shooting is just baffling and awful. First of all, how could someone manage to shoot 42 people before being caught? Or stopped by someone, anyone?? My little sister came very close to going to Tech and that frightens the beejeebies out of me. Other peoples’ little sisters are seniors there, like Ashley could be, scared out of their minds and maybe having lost a sibling. Ashley is my only sibling and I can’t stand the thought of losing her. My heart hurts so bad for these families and for the school. How do you continue running a school after something like this?

Sometimes I wish I weren’t so sensitive to things … but I think that when we stop being horrified by bad things we become immune to sin. And that, I definitely don’t want to be. Please pray for the families of these victims. VA Tech is very close to my hometown and I know tons of people who went there, I know my sister knows plenty of people who still go there. It is so heartbreaking. I am going to try to get some work done today, but I am so torn up about why someone would do something like this.


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