Getting Older

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It’s thundering outside and that’s a good cue not to work, right? I mean, my computer could go down and I could lose everything! OK, I worked late yesterday so I don’t feel too bad about taking a few minutes to write here.

We were in Ohio this weekend. Mr. V went to a conference at Wright State (where my dad graduated from!) and I hung out with various family members. Saw all four of my grandparents as well as several aunts and uncles. It was very fun, maybe one of the best trips I’ve had!

It’s so wonderful to finally be adult enough to sit around and talk with my aunts and uncles. We had such a nice time with Steve and Debby and then on Sunday I had a great chat with Aunt Barb. 🙂 And I managed to come home with a baby bassinet in the back of the car–but no worries about that (yet)!! Grandma Schumann made sure to say “no pressure,” they just assume I’ll be the first grandchild on that side to produce a great-grandchild. Which is probably a pretty good assumption, unless Tim decides to get married and have a kid REAL fast! Or unless we can’t have kids, in which case I will pass it down to one of the other darling girls.

I can’t believe Ashley graduated from COLLEGE. I must be getting incredibly old. I’ll be 25 next Saturday and I think I am going to have a mini crisis! Mr. V says the worst thing is that you aren’t in the 18-24 age bracket anymore. You move up to the old people. On the way to 30. Yikes. Sometimes I think it’s just another sign that we were meant for forever, not for earthly death. We are so uncomfortable aging–and saying goodbye. God, all I can hope to do is age in grace and then be taken with grace right into the Kingdom!

Guess it’s time to get back to work. If I don’t make this project on my desk go away soon I am going to start pulling my hair out. But it’s getting done and it actually looks very, very good despite all the crazyness surrounding it the past few weeks.


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