Is Getting a Horse and Buggy a Good Plan? I Think So.

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Really funny exchange that just took place in my office.

D: Isn’t this the most boring this ever?
Me: What, the implementation guide? YES.
D: I just hate it.
Me: Wait. I thought you were supposed to be gung-ho about FAITH?
D: I’m supposed to be. But Sharon isn’t here, so I don’t have to lie.

I guess you might have to know “D,” who is a very dry person with little to no sense of humor.

I have no desire to work today. I got three vaccines at lunch for my trip to Brazil, so now my arm feels like it’s going to fall off and I feel weird and yucky. Plus my car has an almost-flat tire so on the way home I have to go put air in it and then take it to the shop near our house. Hopefully Mr. V loves me enough to come get me from there. Stupid car.

I told Sarah, who is living with us, that I was going to buy a horse-and-buggy instead. She wasn’t sure the neighbors would care for the smell. As much as I love the neighbors…maybe the horse would poop on their nice SUV. 😉

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