Reflection on Possessions

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Igaussu Falls, Brazil

I am a completely spastic blogger, but I’m really OK with that. I write when and what I want. And since I just got back from Brazil, I have a lot to write!!

It’s wild how much your perspective can change in just a short time. I guess when you are removed from your “real life” it’s inevitable that things will flip flop around in your mind. I have had a difficult time being home. And I don’t want to release the discomfort I have with my life.

I think it’s a good thing to be uncomfortable because I have so much and yet complain about having not enough. YES, it is true that compared to many people we know, Mr. V and I don’t have a lot–we have old cars, don’t go on vacation, struggle from time to time. But really, from a global perspective, it’s just ridiculous. What percent of people outside American and Europe do you think know what “vacation” is?

Also, a day or two after I got back, I was looking through Better Homes and Gardens (it was a free subscription…) and just kind of felt disgusted at myself for wanting my house to look perfect and decorated. The most divine time I had in Brazil was visiting the home of a man from Morocco and his Brazilian wife and their two kids. They had just moved into a home that was all cement, it was freezing because it wasn’t closed in, and they were THE most hospitable people I had ever met. The wife went on and on about how much God had blessed them with the home and they were going to be able to put a wall around the house so the kids wouldn’t run into the street. The family was precious and adored each other. Shouldn’t that be my real goal for my life?

I hope I’ll never look at my life the same again. I pray that these images will keep me from becoming self-centered and so very American. My life is to praise God, to bring glory to Him, not to acquire stuff and live in comfort.

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