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Even though I’ve known about blogging for a few years, and have sporadically read a few (friends from college Sam and Jen), it’s only recently that I’ve actually started reading blogs of people I don’t even know just because they’re interesting. I just like to see what the lives of others are like, maybe to see if everyone else is living in fascinating existence, or just to see what my life might be like a few years down the road when we’ll *hopefully* have some kiddos to chase after and I won’t have to sit behind my desk for 8 hours a day.

Mostly I’ve been reading blogs of SAHMs (that’s stay at home moms for those of you not obsessed with becoming one), some who homeschool/”unschool”/do various other methods of teaching. Not that I intend to do those, but it just fascinates me to see people who can do that. The whole unschooling, let kids be kids and learn naturally thing really appeals to me, but I don’t think I could ever do it. Mr. V and I tend to be antisocial introverts, so if our kids take after us it could just cause them to never learn to relate to other humans!

Some blogs I read pretty regularly:
Because I Said So
The Road Less Traveled

I am looking forward to getting home tonight, as the last two nights it’s been at least 9 before I saw the house again. I don’t do very well with these crazy days. And tomorrow night is the GA lock-in at church. I won’t stay the night, but will probably be there until midnight, which is way past my bedtime. Tonight I have to figure out what I am going to present to the girls about Brazil. What we did in Brazil was such unconventional, relational work that I am not sure they will quite understand it. But I have pictures! Of waterfalls! And food! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Blogalicious

  1. aw! Unschooling is fun! Liberating!


    I’m pretty introverted myself but somehow my kids have escaped that fate. They talk to anyone and everyone!

    I’m flattered that you read my blog and hope you continue to do so!


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