A Small Rant

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There can be nothing worse for being productive the rest of the day than going to a 4-hour meeting smack dab in the middle of the day. I went to this super-long meeting about our women’s products; afterward, I was just sick to my stomach and completely unmotivated to continue working until 5! The massive piles of projects to be done just makes me ill. I know it will be handled when the time comes, but seeing it altogether is just too much! On top of the lovely project we’re completely redoing in a week’s time…work is good. When can I go home??

Can I just add, with the work tirades, I cannot believe how many trees I’ve killed in the last few days over this project redo. I just keep printing it out, and out, and out. I have a bad time trying to edit stuff on screen, because I just don’t catch things as well, but really I am starting to be ashamed at the massive amounts of paper. I promise I am recycling it!

Bible study last night was so good for me. I have been a mess of grouchyness this week. I seemed to have woken up on the wrong side of the world starting Monday. (Aforementioned project has much to do with this.) It’s been nice to be consistently busy (and yes, I DID get something done after the meeting, for which I am very proud) but the insanity-producing kind of stress is not so much fun. I am looking forward to being a zombie tomorrow night (right after I do all my laundry, go to the grocery, and make butternut squash wontons…hrrrm). Tonight is running after the girls and then choir, though. Need to get on my way to get Mr. V. Sorry if you are reading this that I am sure it’s completely incoherent, but some days a good rant goes a long way!

One thought on “A Small Rant

  1. We all have days like that and it helps to get it all out! Sometimes I’ll just grab a pen and paper and write until I have nothing else to say. It really is cathartic.

    I hope things have gotten better!


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