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As I see it, I have three main activities outside of God and church.

1. Crochet. This is the pile in the corner of my office:

It’s a serious obsession. I crochet every day during at least one of my breaks at work, and often at home. I love seeing things come together, making yarn into nifty doodads and pretty things like baby sweaters.

2. Books. Perhaps my most serious and costly obsession. I don’t have a picture but Mr. V will attest to the fact that there is a pile of over a 100 books sitting in our bedroom waiting for me to read them, as well as more on our bookcase downstairs (which we majorly need another bookshelf!). He is a former bookaholic too, mostly old books, which we have a lot of. I wish he would get back into reading more so I would not feel so alone in my bibliophilia tendencies!

#3 is cooking. I have always loved to cook. My mom isn’t crazy about it, and often in high school I would make dinner when I got home from school, when she worked full time. I would love to do culinary school, except I am afraid I am a little too banal in my tastes (and money, and I really don’t want to work, etc). But I love to see things comes together and I looove watching cooking shows. Top Chef is a recent obsession of mine (it’s over now! No!).

If there were a #4, it would be naps with my heater. I think we have a romantic connection.

One thought on “Obsessions

  1. I really like your activities!
    Crochet is good, I also like counted cross stitch. Reading of course! fellow PBS’r here 🙂 And naps — my favorite place is on the swing in the sun. But I guess that needs to be moved to in front of the fire now.

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