Funny Quotes and More

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Mr. V: Any Bond car is automatically not ugly, no matter how ugly it is.

Me: I feel bad about how many trees I am killing printing out this project. (later) It’s such much easier to check for consistency on paper.
Jon: Hence the trees.
Me: Poor trees.
Jon: I’m not worried about the trees. It’s the monkeys I’m worried about. And the lizards. Especially the lizards.
While having an especially greasy lunch at Noshville, Mr. V and I were talking about the working project I am doing based on John 3:16. He said it should just be based on the 3:16 of all books in the Bible and wondered if any of them were as cool as John. Between the two of us we came up with 1 John 3:16 and Revelation 3:16 being pretty cool. Mr. V decided Leviticus 3:16 is probably awesome.

Later … I e-mailed Mr. V that Leviticus 3:16 is about all the fat belonging to the LORD (Yes, big LORD, as in Yahweh). Seems appropriate with the lunch we had!

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