A Minute Without You

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This post is definitely going to scream “I was a major dork.” Was? Hmm, debatable. I no longer care about being a dork, so that makes it a little better.

Mr. V and I were in the car on the way to St. Louis this weekend. I had just been talking to my sister, Ashley, on the phone. I’ve been having major homesickness lately. Not for any particular place, really, because going “home” to Richmond isn’t exactly an option now that Mom and Dad aren’t there. But for my family. I told Ashley I was thinking about our Hanson days. Yes, the band Hanson, the ones who sang Mmmbop (and yes, that is one of the worst songs ever–however, they DID have other songs! Which were good!).

Some of my best memories are of being in the car with Cynthia, going to pick up Ashley and her best friend Deborah, and them sitting in the backseat of my 86 Plymouth Reliant singing and doing hand motions to “Sure About It.”

In the years before Hanson, Ashley and I were not friends. She was in middle school, depressed and angry, and I was in high school and therefore infinitely cooler than she was. When we both got into Hanson, however, we had something to share. We spent tons of time with my best friend Cynthia being ridiculously silly, watching MTV and taping every single time the “Where’s the Love?” video was on MTV or VH1. Why? Beats me!!! But it was fun.

After I had talked to Ashley on the phone, Mr. V and I were talking about radio singles and how the best singles are usually around #3 or 4 on the CD. I told him that Hanson’s best single on the CD that I remembered all the tracks was #5 (“Where’s the Love”). I was positive I could remember all of the tracks on Middle of Nowhere in order.

You would not believe how much I listened to that CD. I think for about 2 1/2 years it was the only Hanson CD out and I wore that sucker out. For a long time I listened to it every night as I went to sleep. I remember at one point Ashley and I were in the back of our parents’ van coming back from King’s Dominion and we tried to sing the entire album in order. Needless to say, at the time, it would have taken me ten seconds to list of the 13 tracks. I came up with 11 of them pretty easily. The twelfth came much slower but did come later that night (“Look at You”). But I could not for the life of me come up with the last track. I could not believe it! It wasn’t until tonight when we got home that I discovered it was “Yearbook.” Who would have thought?

I have to say I miss the Hanson years. It was fun and it kept me out of trouble. Yes, I am probably storing an unusually large amount of lyrics in my head where I could be putting useful things, like the style manual for work and any bit of American history. You probably are too–just a different band.

Love to my Hanson girls–Cynthia, Elise, Ashley, Alena, and Deborah.

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