6 Things About 10 Things I Hate About You

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At one point during my senior year of high school, I went through a period of being absolutely obsessed with the movie 10 Things I Hate About You. If you haven’t been blessed with seeing this fun teen movie, rent it! Even my husband loves it: it’s got love stories, but they are mixed in with a bunch of ridiculously stereotypical characters and high-school drama.

My best friend Cynthia and I literally watched this movie every day for weeks. I remember we were at a church youth group party for Y2K, and our first celebration that the world had not ended was watching it crowded around a tiny portable TV someone had brought.

Since I have been living in 1999 lately, I thought I’d present you with the very useful life lessons that come from this excellent comedy. (I mean, Julia Stiles even won an MTV Movie Award so you know it’s got to be quality film!)

Six Lessons Learned from 10 Things I Hate About You

1. As in every Disney movie, happily ever after can only be obtained if your mom is dead/gone. The two main female characters, Kat and Bianca, are sisters whose mom has “left.”

2. Every tough guy is really a softie instead and therefore you should just try really hard to change him. Someday he might sing to you from the school bleachers during soccer practice.

3. Even if you are completely incoherent at a foreign language at the beginning of film and hire a tutor who can’t speak that language, when you need to know it to insult someone, you will be fluent!

4. Geeks are cute. And when geeks fall in love with superficial girls, it’s because they are obviously hiding their inner brilliance and aptitude.

5. If a guy is nice, he is probably either trying to sleep with you or it’s a bet. Unless he’s a geek.

6. Every good story comes from Shakespeare in one way or another!

One thought on “6 Things About 10 Things I Hate About You

  1. Ok, I was totally obsessed with this movie! I saw it in the theaters when it first came out and then bought the DVD. That was a big thing for a girl with no money LOL!!

    Point #2 made me laugh. It is SO true! I started to have crushes on Geeks instead of the obvious “hotties” hahahaha

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