Hiding Under the Covers

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I am feeling less than prolific today in the words department. Which is unusual.

In good old December fashion, my calendar has once again been eaten by my Sharpie. For someone who really does not thrive on being busy, I seem to have an awful lot going on. I am ready to give up almost everything and just chill after the New Year. But unfortunately some of my commitments last longer than that. I don’t feel healthy…I feel drug out tired and like an emotional wreck most of the time. Physically I just have some stuff going on that might make me a little psychotic. And 8 months off antidepressants, I still get to feeling pretty low sometimes. It’s a fight a lot of days. Last night I was thinking about all the things I needed to do, and that just made me want to go hide under the covers and sleep for a long time. Is that a normal person’s response? I have no idea.

It’s Christmas! I want to enjoy everything and stay focused. Stressing myself out does not a happy Christmas make.

I would write about Thanksgiving but I have too many relatives with access to the Internet. 😉 No, really, it was wonderful this year. Any year without major trauma is good in my book. I enjoyed myself and loved seeing my relatives. I can’t believe my baby cousin is going to graduate high school this year (at 16, but still). That’s insane. I guess it means we’re all grown up. Sad. Some day when I am feeling like writing I will write about the insane extended family I have, but not today.


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