I Was Totally Smashed, Dude

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So life seems to have been put on hold lately due to a small thing that happened Tuesday night. This:

car accident

I was driving home from Bible study with another girl I take turns driving with in the car. We were stopped at a red light at a fairly major intersection, and someone across the intersection passed out at the wheel, drifted across, and hit my driver’s side. I am still bothered at how I didn’t see it coming at all. When we drove past yesterday, though, I realized it isn’t a very wide intersection and I don’t think I could have done anything to veer out of the way had I seen it.

car accident

I know I should be contemplating the whole meaning of life since I honestly thought I was going to die and managed to get out of the car (well, got carried out after having my door removed!) with only a small gash and some bruises. I really haven’t gotten to that yet, and maybe I won’t. I do feel incredibly protected and I know for sure that God must have some reason for still wanting me here, because He could have brought me home pretty easily. I am eager and praying to see what that is!

Now it’s all the mundane insurance stuff and having to buy a car (again). We had only had this used car for 11 months since I was rear-ended last November!! I seem to have a sign on my car that says, “Hey! I’m just sitting here obeying the law, why don’t you come and hit me??”

2 thoughts on “I Was Totally Smashed, Dude

  1. This is crazy! So glad you are safe! I am always afraid someone will run a red light as I am driving through an intersection–so sorry this happened to you!

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