Photo Meme

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A fun idea from ohamanda‘s blog. Except that I have a hard time with images for some reason!

Just type in the answers to the questions on google images. Then paste the first picture that comes up. (Well, I might not have picked the first picture…but I definitely did not go off the first page!) Ready? Here we go!

1. Age at my next birthday:

2. Place I’d like to travel:

3. Favorite place:

4. Favorite objects:

5. Favorite food:

6. Favorite Color:

7. Nickname…I don’t really have one, but someone used to call me “Big Shoo” and Ashley “Little Shoo” so I came up with this:

8. Place I was born:

If you wanna play, consider yourself tagged and let me know in the comments so I can see your faves!

2 thoughts on “Photo Meme

  1. Purple and chocolate–no wonder we’ve connected! 🙂

    So, why China? I’m going to have to snoop around your blog…I’m very interested!

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