Gilbert Grape

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I am watching the movie What’s Eating Gilbert Grape right now. I’ve had it from Netflix for about three weeks and I was bound and determined to watch it. Even after the DVD kind of messed up when I tried to watch it when we were babysitting last week. Why?

Some of my most vivid memories are of when I was not true to myself. Is that the same for everyone? I was in seventh grade math class. The girl who sat in front of me quoted something from this movie and laughed like it was hysterical. She said something like, “You know, Gilbert Grape?” And I said yes. And laughed. Even though I had never seen it.

It still kind of disgusts me that I would do something like that, something so little and insignificant. So what if I hadn’t seen the movie? But in seventh grade it somehow mattered. Seventh grade sucked by the way. I can’t even go into the bitterness that developed in my soul that year. I think, oh, 78% of my self-esteem issues come from middle school. But anyway, that’s what Gilbert Grape makes me think of. And now I am going to finally watch it, 13 years later, and move on.

Edited to add: I wouldn’t have been allowed to see this anyway because it was PG-13, and I was allowed to see maybe two PG-13 movies before I turned 13.

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