God is love

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The Bible is amazing by itself. It is complete. But there is so much, I think, that we don’t “get” in the modern day because we don’t have the cultural knowledge the first-century Christians did when they saw those inspired words. We can be inspired by the Holy Spirit to understand things way beyond our ability, but there are still certain aspects that only a history lesson can bring to light.

I remember hearing a preacher speak last year on the symbolism of the gifts the magi brought for baby Jesus. Myrrh was used at that time to prepare a body for burial. Now really. What would possess a person–a WISE man at that–to bring that sort of thing to a baby, but the divine leading of God?

I read today on a blog something else that made me cry at the beauty of God’s plan. It was something from a book by Brock and Bodie Thoene, and the question was: Why was Jesus born in Bethlehem? The answer: Bethlehem was where they raised the lambs that would be sacrificed in the temple at the brazen altar. The blood sacrifices for the sin of the people.


God is really, really cool.

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