If you give a girl a cookie…

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If you give a Jessie a cookie…


(Especially after she’s had broth soup for dinner)

…she will probably want a cup of tea.

And after she has the tea….she will probably want to lay on the couch and play online for hours on end.

And since she’s been laying on the couch for hours, she will not want to go to bed.

If she doesn’t want to go to bed … she will want to eat again. And she will pronounce it so, loudly, so her husband, Mr. Vanderbilt.

And then she will come up with the brilliant idea to make potato skins. At 9:45 at night.

An hour later, she will regret this decision. But will be able to devour a yummy, gooey, fattening snack that she will devour in .0758795 seconds.

The moral of the story is: If you get the urge to make potato skins at 9:45 at night, just ignore it and go to bed. You will be less fat in the morning.

One thought on “If you give a girl a cookie…

  1. Hi there,

    my mouth is watering now. You sound like a girl after my own heart – when one HAS to have a certain food – no matter the time of night – one simply HAS to have it!


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