My Favorite Obscure Christmas Movies

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1. Christmas Every Day

Erik Von Detten (The Princess Diaries) made this movie when he was 14 in 1996…which happens to be the same age I was in 1996! It was a made-for-TV movie made in Richmond, VA, where I grew up. Erik’s character’s little brother wishes for it to be Christmas every day…and so in Groundhog Day-fashion, they repeat the holiday over and over until they get it right! 🙂 Mostly I think I liked it cause it was in Richmond and because Erik was sooooo cute.

2. The Christmas Toy

My sister and I watched this movie every single year off a taped cassette. It’s about a room of toys that come alive when the humans are away. It’s Christmas Eve, and Rugby the Tiger is trying to figure out how he will be Jaime’s present again this year. Sadly, our VHS died this year and my sister had a mental breakdown. Apparently it now sells for like $85 on eBay. A VHS!! We were also fond of the 1986 “Celebrate the season with Kraft” commercials on our tape.

3. A Muppet Family Christmas

All of the Muppets and the entire cast of Sesame Street have Christmas together at Fozzie’s mom’s house. The Swedish chef tries to cook Big Bird. Miss Piggy can’t get home from shopping because it’s snowing. Classic. Oh, and they go to Fraggle Rock.

Merry Christmas!

3 thoughts on “My Favorite Obscure Christmas Movies

  1. Oh my gosh! The Christmas Toy is one of my brother’s and my favorite movies ever. We watched it every year, on the VHS tape with the same 1986 Kraft commercials. 🙂 My dad actually found the movie on tape somewhere and bought it for me… it’s the only reason I hang on to my VHS. Merry Christmas!

  2. OK, you win. For some reason I could only picture him having a little brother. Maybe I was thinking about A Christmas Story.

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