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You know how some people are impossible to buy for (MEN) and some people are just so easy you have to make yourself stop buying? My sister is one of those just-too-easy people. I guess we know each other very well–like, our whole lives–and the fact that I adore her to pieces just makes it hard to stop buying!! My best friend has an older sister who is a lawyer in Boston and her sister spoils her insanely. They frequently take vacations to the Bahamas that her sister pays for entirely. I wish I had the kind of job where I could do that for my baby sis! (Who is almost 23…not such a baby!)

Ohamanda posted this challenge to create the ultimate gift basket, real or imaginary. So Ashley, if I could buy you a wonderful, themed gift this Christmas, this would be it. I call it “Girl Power.”

Have I mentioned the child loves pink? She is the girliest girl in the world. So first it would have to go under a pink Christmas tree just like mine:

I got mine at Big Lots for $18.

In good girly-girl fashion, she loves to drink tea. These blooming teas from Teaposy are so, so cool. Bed Bath and Beyond sells these for $18 :

And I love this velvet manicure lapdesk…in pink, of course, and monogrammed with “A.” It’s from Pottery Barn Teen…and sadly it seems to be discontinued!! Oh no! Well, since this is a fantasy we’ll just ignore that problem:

How funny is this chair shaped like a high heel? It’s $149 at highheelshoestore.

This adorable vintage bathing suit:

Would be perfect for a trip to here. I think we could have a pretty rocking time here for about $5000:

And she might need this dress to go out dancing in:

And you know, to top it all off, I’d put the keys to this inside a small box wrapped in 5 other bigger boxes.

Unfortunately, I found this bit of info:

An interesting thing about the Mary Kay pink: Regular customers cannot buy a pink Cadillac from GM, nor have one painted by a GM dealer. It is an exclusive shade owned by the cosmetics company.

Hmmm…guess I will have to check out eBay!

And I think if I could figure out a way to get her a date with:

I would be her hero. (Our Dad would love the tattoos…LOL. I don’t think Johnny here is a “college boy,” which is Daddy’s requirement for a man to be marriage material.)

This package valued at 1.5 bazillion dollars due to the kidnapping fee for Johnny Depp.
Why aren’t I a millionaire? 🙁

Oh well, it was fun to think about!! Go visit ohamanda‘s blog and enter this contest to win a great gift basket!!

2 thoughts on “PINK

  1. I am LOL right now! I like the price tag of a bazillion dollars since you are kidnapping Johnny Depp! Ha! And Ashley’s comment makes it even better–the magenta mansion! LOL!
    I LOVE IT!

    (thanks for playing!)

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