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So it seems I am posting more and more to this blog lately. I promise, I do have a life. I think there are two main reasons:

1. Mr. V hasn’t been home much lately so I have free reign of the computer; and

2. It has been brought to my attention a few people are actually reading this. So it seems I have succeeded in my lifelong dream of convincing others my life, or at least my random thoughts, are interesting.

I’ve also become obsessed with ohamanda‘s blog, in case you haven’t noticed. I want to be like her when I grow up.

So, because of that, while I am waiting for my Baked Cod Casserole to cook (that I am not going to eat tonight, but Adam is–I am going out with the girls. See I have a life!!), I thought I’d add myself to boomama’s tour of homes and let you see my Christmasy decorations.

Here we have a rather poor picture of the Christmas tree in our small living room. We had to put our chair in the kitchen to make room for the tree:

Pretty decorations on the entertainment center. We got the little nativity there in the gift shop of our resort in Mexico on our honeymoon. While the taxi was waiting to take us the airport. Because we were too busy vomiting to go into Cancun to shop:

Here’s the china cabinet with my grandmother’s Christmas china, and our “real” nativity on top:

An artsy picture of the coffee table decorations:

Here’s some pretty garland I bought this year for the kitchen. Except I bought half with “snow” and half without. Ask Ashley, I was both sick as a dog and trying to talk on the phone when I was shopping for it. Oops:

The sole decorated space upstairs. This little nook is at the top of the stairs. Usually I attempt to decorate the guest bedroom a little but our normal Christmastime guest isn’t coming this year, so why bother? Yes, we still have our stockings from when we were kids. At least mine isn’t as dorky as Mr. V’s. Teeheehee. I think we decided we don’t have to be grown-ups until we have kids.

I guess I didn’t take pictures of the table this year since it looks just like it did last year. Hmm, well, I just looked at last year’s picture. And it’s kind of sad and lonely. So yes, the table looks better, mainly because we painted the kitchen since then.

Anyway, off to finish my cod and go eat me some dinner and gab with the ladies.


4 thoughts on “Tour of Homes

  1. thank you for popping in my Garb-oodles Soup blog and leaving such a lovely comment. I really must say I love your blue walls and the white pieces up agaisnt it looks so wintery !!! I hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas. Many blessings to you for the new year. Just a note * my blogger address is different than where you visited here

    The blogger one is my home school blog !!!

  2. The nativity is really cute! And I couldn’t help but notice that I probably have at least 75% of the same DVDs as you (the ones I could see the titles for, anyway)… we are definitely still the same person. 😉

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