Why I Hate Bowling

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OK, I don’t really hate bowling at all. Usually I like it. Just like I love to play games. The problem is, I am the sorest sore loser in the world.

Today I went bowling with my in-laws, husband, sister-in-law, and her boyfriend. Usually I bowl around 80-100. Today my highest score was 68. I was pathetic. I think I marked once in two games. It is just so frustrating to me. I don’t care that much whether I win, but when I make an idiot of myself it makes me upset. And there was no reason for it either, I just couldn’t get into a stride and got several frames of 1. UGH.

I also adore playing games, and we play a lot when I here at the in-laws. And I lose. Almost without fail. At every game. Mr. V always says he is so competitive because his mom never let him win anything. Well, apparently it’s a family trait. And I don’t mind a little competition, but occasionally I do get tired of losing. I just don’t know how I always manage to lose everything.

I don’t have a very analytical brain is the best reason I can come up with. I can’t play any game where you have to count cards or tricks or remember what someone else did. Yes, I am really that dumb. I am so right-brained it’s ridiculous. And when it’s just Mr. V being left-brained it’s not so bad, but there’s a whole family of Mr. Vs being smarter than me. Help!

I was hoping writing this would make me less depressed about my suckiness. But it hasn’t, really. Oh well.

Farewell for now. Hope you are enjoying your Christmas goodies! I am very excited about my loot! At home, from Mr. V, I got some nonstick skillets, a game, a coat, a sugar bowl and creamer for our china, an immersion blender, and a nice knife. I got all sorts of fun things from all the parents and my sisters…can’t wait to get home and plant my herbs, watch new DVDs, wear my new jacket to work, and take a bubble bath while reading Southern Living. And my sister got a me a gorgeous new outfit for work that I can wear with the beautiful necklace my sister-in-law gave me and the new make-up from the in-laws! Sorry, just had to brag on them a little and remember happy stuff!

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