Bad Poetry 101, Part Two

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Much to your dismay…more of my incredibly bad college poetry! I know I have more somewhere…I thought it was in this book that I found, but this one only had two poems in it. So here is the second, perhaps written on the same day as this one.

And that which I actually desired
to steal your heart with words
is embedded in my imagination–
the place in my mind that I can’t reach
even with an iced-tea spoon.
that which I thought I could express
my heart, my smile, the tingle that reaches my toes
can’t be meshed together
in some masterpiece to be later analyzed in English class
any words that did appear
would crush themselves into
meaninglessness, leaving only the simple things:
your fingers, laced in mine
your back, curled, as you sleep soundlessly,
the skip of my heart as I notice your face across the green.

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