Can’t Keep My Eyes off You

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If you have read about my total infatuation with the movie 10 Things I Hate about You, I am sure you know how struck and sad I am about the death of Heath Ledger. While he was in some crappy movies (A Knight’s Tale, being the exceptional example), I thought he was a great actor and so incredibly handsome to boot. He was 28, which is only 3 years older than me (I always thought he was older than that. In 10 Things he seemed like one of those 29-year-olds who was playing a 17-year-old, and that was in 1999). I’m not Princess-Diana kind of heartbroken, but I do think Hollywood lost a great star and someone with potential to make great films. (I was reading my diaries the other night from when I was 15, and I really was pretty sick over Di dying. More to come on diary revelations later.) (Sorry for the excessive use of parentheses in this entry.)
In reading about Heath Ledger, I came across a list of other actors who died in their 20s. Of course, there was Brad Renfro who died just last week–is this some sort of epidemic? Who I was really surprised to see on the list was Jonathan Brandis. I don’t even remember what I liked him from, but I specifically remember having a short-lived obsession with him when I was about 11. My next-door neighbor and I wrote him a fan letter and he wrote us back with signed pictures and a letter-length ad for his upcoming show, SeaQuest DSV, which premiered in 1993. The only other thing I know I’ve seen from his filmography list on imdb is The Neverending Story II, so maybe that was the root of obsession. Anyway, finding out he killed himself in 2003 was a second blow to my childhood fantasies! I guess I was too busy being an English major at the time to hear about it.

Now I really want to watch The Neverending Story movies. And not think about how I could easily die in my 20s too, and then worry about if I’ve wasted my 25 years.

2 thoughts on “Can’t Keep My Eyes off You

  1. Youknow what’s amazing about you and me. My myspace mood is set to:
    “Elise is upset about Heath. Not like Brad Renfroe upset… Princess Diana upset.”

    Also- Jonathan Brandis gained our love in Ladybugs, staring Rodney Dangerfield and Jacquaaaay.

    Miss you.

  2. I was shocked and saddened by Heath Ledger’s death as well. I also am a huge 10 Things I Hate About you fan (I keep a copy of it on the TiVo) and fondly remember visably swooning over Heath in that movie with my girlfriends.

    I think what really gets to me is that I’m almost 28 too. We tend to feel immortal and events like this really make you take note of your life and priorities.

    SO sad…

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