Coffee-Induced Memoirs

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This afternoon Adam and I went to Starbucks in Cool Springs because I had a giant headache and was extremely tired. How dependent on caffeine am I? It’s pretty sad. Seduced by the new skinny latte sign, I ordered a caramel skinny latte instead of my normal caramel macchiato (I know, a big adventure, right?!).

I have this thesis that I have no left brain, no real critical side. I am all imagination and senses. Many songs, sounds, smells, and apparently tastes are connected to memories for me. When I had my first sip of latte, I was immediately taken back to another time.

I’m not sure when exactly The Coffee Spot opened–sometime in my senior year or high school or freshman year of college. This was pre-Starbucks in Chesterfield County, and we were ecstatic to have a local coffee shop, a fun place to go to listen to music, relax, hang out with friends. My parents quickly became friends with the owners, Pam and Greg, and we were at Coffee Spot several nights a week. My mom has a severe coffee obsession, someone who doesn’t wake up until she’s had three cups (she is now one of those people who always has a Venti Starbucks cup on her desk). My normal order was either a caramel or butterscotch latte–or one of their special chocolatey drinks.

When Adam and I had been “going out” for approximately three days, I had a choir concert at school that my parents came to. Afterwords, they somehow convinced us to come back to The Coffee Spot with them and Adam met all of my parents’ closest friends….three days!!! Adam was a gem: he charmed the friends, he played chess with my sister’s boyfriend’s little brother, and it was all for the best considering the many times I drug him around to hang out with my parents’ “clique” in future years.

The Coffee Spot closed after a few years, but Greg and Pam remained great friends. When my daddy’s best friend died in 2004, Greg and Dad were both pallbearers. Ashley went on a date with their son once. We’ve fried turkeys in their backyard, played with their giant dog Hagrid, Pam made centerpieces for my wedding. Our families are linked forever, all because of a tiny little coffee place in a strip mall.

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