Cooking Spree

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Here is what I have to do today:

  • Make candy favors and wrap them up cute
  • Make Italian Turkey Soup (2 batches)
  • Make Tomato Soup (3 batches)
  • Cut up fruit that won’t go bad before tomorrow morning
  • Make Antipasto Salsa (mmm….)
  • Toast Pecans
  • Make Marinated Cheese
  • Go pick up cake
  • Find a clothesline
  • Wrap gifts
  • Figure out how all of this is going to go in car! And how early I will have to get to church to shove it inside. Hmm, since car=refrigerator right now, maybe I’ll just leave it all in the car.
  • Decide on punch recipe and buy stuff for it
  • Make Mr. V dinner
  • Make Mexican Corn Dip for tonight–Bunco Night
  • Go to Bunco and have fun and not worry about tomorrow! Because I am a compulsive worrier. And an oldest child.

And yeah, I was totally going to do some of this last night…but I didn’t. I watch Miss America reality show instead. It was a long day.

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