Eating Better

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So tomorrow starts the new, better lifestyle choices. (Again.) I started some healthy habits before we left for Christmas but those were quickly replaced with eating out and Christmasing. I only walked on the parents’ treadmill one day when I was there.

So, here are my new steps to being healthy and able to conceive, I hope!! Let’s not talk about that trauma today…I am slightly more than perturbed at my gynecologist’s office after a phone call this morning. ANYWAY.

1. Work out at least three days a week after work, and one day during the weekend.

2. Eat lower-carb and only whole grains. Try new, yummy recipes and eat enough that I don’t feel deprived. Plan, plan, plan, especially for breakfasr and lunches.

3. Try not to drink soda and limit artificial sweeteners and all things artificial in foods.

4. Check about ordering organic and non-hormonal food from plumgoodfoods.

So if I seem to be falling away from these things, you’re allowed to yell at me. I know it’s everyone’s New Year’s Resolution but I HAVE to do this if I want to have a baby—and be a healthy mom!


One thought on “Eating Better

  1. Great goals!

    Sorry to hear that your husband doesn’t like veggies that much. Fortunately for me, mine will eat absolutely anything I put on the table, and he loves veggies.

    As for your question about tea…I have never used any sweetener. I grew up drinking plain, black tea and I can’t even stomach sweet tea at all. Coffee on the other hand, I do add a little bit of organic sugar. I have been avoiding artificial sweeteners completely.

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