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In a strange decision of boredom this afternoon, I decided to google myself. This all came about because a strange and fairly amusing thing happened this afternoon. I was in my editor in chief’s office when he received a package with some manuscripts. I noticed immediately, because I am snoopy, that it was from Richmond, VA, where I grew up. Then when Dale mentioned that the author wrote about recovery, I gasped and tried to grab for the package. The author that sent it–I interviewed her six years ago for the Baptist newspaper in Richmond. And now here we are being intersected again. Just wild.

So I was searching for the article online, but with no avail. So I googled my maiden name, and couldn’t find me at all. So then I googled my current, married name. And found some fun facts about “myself.” One person made pages on her public-school page for her friends.

And I almost ran into her mailbox. I’m also a fashion design graduate and a realtor in Hollywood, Florida.

But to my great amusement and awe, 3 out of the first 10 things that came up were actually me! I find that kind of bizarre considering I have a really normal first name (Jessica) and a pretty common last name. But if you google me you will immediately find both my Amazon profile and my Bookloons reviewer profile. I think the other entry also had to do with Amazon pages.

So your assignment for today is to google yourself and tell me what you find by commenting. How many pages before you find yourself?

PS: Inspired by others’ contest obsessions, and because I really want to win Pioneer Woman‘s photo contest today but I won’t because there are 3,000 entries, I will enter anyone who comments on this post by 2/1 at 3 p.m. CST into a drawing to win this Bible study, which has my name in it, because I was both the copy editor and the author of the leader guide. Look here for some other bloggy giveaways.

No Other Gods: Confronting Our Modern-Day Idols is a distinctly relational study for young women.Author Kelly Minter invites women to become part of her group, where friends share time, dinner, music, recipes, musings, and most of all, their lives. In this eight-session Bible study, she encourages women to make room for God by dethroning the functional gods that clutter and claim their lives.

No Other Gods, the first release in the Living Room Series, is best suited for home study, or can be hosted at a church.

12 thoughts on “googling myself

  1. I find myself immediately if I use my married name… with my maiden name, though, I’m suddenly a comic in NYC! Love it! This looks like a great study… I would love to be entered.

  2. Googling yourself can be fun! When I google myself, I just get a lot of references to the Bachelorette (because my name is Trista). I searched through 13 pages and the real me is not there. There are a few links to my maiden name however.

    This bible study looks great. My women’s bible study happens to be looking for a new study right now, so I’m definitely going to check it out.

  3. I was getting frustrated about my married and maiden name as I was searching so I kind of took a short cut and typed in my first/last name and college I attended and I was the 2nd link….I knew that would work for me!!! This Bible study would be great for our youth at church which my husband helps with and I plan on helping with this summer after our awana program is over and I get out of cubbies!!

  4. Jessie:
    When I put in my first and last name, there were 1,040,000 hits. I looked through the first 100 and NONE were about me. Then I added Hendersonville after my name, and the second hit was about me. I substituted the name of our company for H’ville and the FIRST hit was mine. Scarey!

  5. How Funny! I didn’t find myself until page 12, and that was my blog that only has my name in the profile (I think). 🙂 That looks like a great study!! Enter me in!

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