I’m a Whino

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I think all I’ve done for a week is whine about how sick I feel. I am even irritated with me. I am sure all my co-workers are sick of me. Maybe I should hibernate for a few days…or weeks. I’d love to work at home for a day if I had something I could do at home, but no such luck at the moment. Whine. Whine.

I guess I keep thinking I will just wake up one morning and feel positive and stay that way. Unfortunately, I hate waking up, first of all. I am not a morning person at all. And I’ve just been frustrated at work lately. It seems like everyone is negative there and there is a giant cloud over our department. It is depressing.

I am not sure why I’m in such a funk lately, and I’m sorry for not writing more. I’m just not feeling the least bit prolific. Off to watch Project Runway and mope…ack!

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