It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

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So I took this picture when I got home because I was going to write about how scary the rain makes my curly, very thick hair. But apparently sometime between seeing my hair at work this morning and getting home and into my kitchen, my hair decided not to be atrocious and made a liar out of me. So instead, we can talk about the other hideous parts of this picture, like the fact that I am wearing no make-up, have huge bags under my eyes, my eyebrows need plucked, and the zit on my chin–oh good, my hand is covering it up. That wasn’t intentional at all! 😉
SO yeah, we’re expecting a huge thunderstorm to come through any minute so I guess I am tucked in the house for the night. I’ve got to work on a grant application for the place where I volunteer, and other than that continue to obsess over The Office and catch myself up to the current season. Which is easy since they’ve stopped filming episodes. Stinking writer’s strike. Can they just come to an agreement already?

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