Big yawn.

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Today was one of the most boring days at work I’ve ever had. Out of about twenty people on my team, seven–including me–were there this morning. By 1 o’clock we were down to four. It was painful. No distractions. Lovely all by myself in the hall. I decided that everyone must have gone on vacation because we have one of our awful division meetings in the morning. Maybe I will be sick tomorrow. OK, not really, I’m not like that. I am one of these painfully boring people who is honest to a fault most of the time. And I’ll go to the meeting. Perhaps fall asleep, but I’ll go.

Mr. V and I are watching Aladdin tonight. Hehe. Just noise in the backround, I suppose. I’ve got to get the rest of these items listed for my coworker on eBay. I am selling a bunch of antiques, mainly depression glass for him. I’m not sure it’s going to be worth my 10% cut, but hey, oh well. He is thrilled with me so maybe he won’t yell at me anymore for bad editing.

Off to claim my normal residence on the couch in my PJs. Ahhhh.

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