My Big Fat Redneck Wedding

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Has anyone else painfully watched this new show on CMT? This first one we watched was kind of funny: the bride and groom were about 20, all of the bridesmaids and groomsmen wore camo, the bride wore a green dress, they decorated with animal heads, and he got her a pink gun as wedding present. As redneck as they were, it was kind cute.

But the one today is so awful it’s painful instead of funny. Every five seconds, the groom is peeing in public. He proposed by peeing “Will you marry me?” in the street. The bride didn’t look at the dress she ordered from the Internet until 10 days before the wedding and it was an 8 instead of a 28. They decorated with beer cans. There was a mechanical bull. And the bride lost her teeth on her wedding day.

Someone kill me please.

I am still not totally convinced this isn’t made up and these are all paid actors. I have a hard time believing people like this exist in the good old US of A.

On a better note, tonight we’re having a couple over who are good friends, and I am making good Southern food–barbecue chicken, macaroni and cheese, and veggies. Mmmmmm. I decided I was just going to make what I could without having to go to the store, and I think I done good. Carolyn might even be proud. If I made homemade rolls. 😉

One thought on “My Big Fat Redneck Wedding

  1. Jessie: I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! Are you bringing rolls to work tomorrow? I’ve been sooooo sick, and I just know the doctor would prescribe something homemade to cure what ails me.

    You’re the best!

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