Snapshot, 2001

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Honestly, I am not sure what year it was. Ashley looks old enough she is probably in high school, and she is wearing a New York t-shirt, where we had been in May 2000 for my 18th birthday—that’s a whole other story!

I guess I was home from college on a break or for the summer. This picture hangs in my office, and it makes me giggle almost every time. My mom, dad, and sister are standing behind the dining room table; each place is set with two plates and several glasses; and a small handmade “Kitchen Stadium” sign hangs on the window.

Whatever day this was, I guess Ashley and I were really bored.

My family loves food, and we love the Food Network. Sometime the summer before I got married, I taught myself to cook “by ear” mostly from “30 Minute Meals” (before Rachael was so popular and so obnoxious). We loved the old Iron Chef—none of this pansy stuff where they have American chefs and stuff. In the good old days, there was only Iron Chef Japan, Iron Chef France, and Iron Chef … Chinese? Anyway, there were just three. And they were all Japanese. And we loved the bad subtitling, the squid ice cream, and the revealing of the putrid secret ingredient. Quality entertainment.

So sometime during this pictured day, Ashley and I decided it was about time we had our own Iron Chef competition at the house. We went to the grocery store and debated forever over what the secret ingredient should be. It seemed like hours. We finally decided on water. Yes, water. We bought different kinds of water and took them home. Then we took everything out of the refrigerator and the cupboards and piled it on the counters!

I am sure Mom and Dad were both exhausted after days at work, but they played right along when they got home. They were the head chefs, we daughters the sous-chefs. It was awesome. And then food was great.

And the memory is terribly sweet. 🙂

One thought on “Snapshot, 2001

  1. You know I don’t think I had read this post before now…I know you wrote it ages ago. What a wonderful memory 🙂 Don’t forget we made a powerpoint to show them mocking the show. We have so many good memories–we are a lucky family!!

    p.s. the 3rd chef was Iron Chef Italian. I only know, because we watched a few episodes on the Fine Living Network the other day. They still play the good ones. No lie…they had live octopi as the ingredient the other day. Sigh…good times.

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