The sweet smell of…

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I am very much a smell person. I have an extremely strong sense of smell for some reason. Unfortunately this means I can walk into the house and immediately smell if something yucky is in the sink, or especially if Chester is stinky (which is usually). Despite all this, I am not really a perfume person, mostly because I smell others’ perfume so strongly and most of the time I think it’s too strong and it makes me want to be sick.

But I love going to my Bible study leader’s house. Her perfume always smells so good, and she always has it on even if she’s wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt. She always has scented candles lit, and the soap in the bathroom is always something exotic like pomegranate-peach. Mmmm. Her house makes me happy.

I hope some day my house will also be a happy, sweet-smelling place. Unfortunately Chester might have to get the boot for that to happen. Anyone have a farm he’d like to live on?

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