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It’s been a long day. I am so tired, but I really want to stay up and watch Project Runway. Usually I’d just watch it Thursday night, but we are going to the symphony tomorrow. Is it really going be Thursday again? For some reason the past two weeks have flown by. It’s weird.

Today I had to go 3 1/2 hours of meetings, which is totally abnormal for my work schedule! I got maybe 1/2 an hour of normal work done. First I had a conference call with an author (not me, me and important people and I listened!). Then we had a team meeting this afternoon which was helpful but also long and the room was very cold! Tomorrow I have two, shorter meetings. What a week!

Oh my word. I am so tired. Is this coherent? Last night there were tornadoes coming through Nashville, and I sat up listening to the radio trying to see if we needed to go hide in the downstairs half bathroom. Then it thundered all night and I think I slept fitfully. Blech!

Have a good night! Sorry for this uninspired post.

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