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I have really become a bad blogger lately. I will blame it all on aforementioned pregnancy which makes me:

1. so tired I can’t do anything after I work all day
2. so sick all I can think about is whether I am going to toss my cookies or not
3. completely brain dead

I’m sorry, because I usually really do enjoy writing! My friend Carolyn keeps bugging me just to write every day whether I have anything to write about or not, and I guess I should do that. I thought it would be easier now that the cat’s out of the bag, so to speak.

We had supper club today, and for the first time since I’ve joined we had brunch. We cook all food from Cooking Light magazine, although when you eat everything there’s no way it’s light! I was worried today because I have had such insane food aversions the last several weeks. I was scared of all the egg, especially. But I had some fruit, grits, turkey sausage, and a tiny bit of a ham strata, and about 11 glasses of orange juice! 😉

I love being with these ladies and couples and always enjoy our get-togethers. There are very excited about having a Supper Club baby too. I didn’t eat what I brought today, which was Stuffed French Toast, because of the egg, but everyone assured me it was very good.

Tonight Mr. V is going to watch basketball (welcome to the next three-four weeks of my life…) and I was thinking about hooking the laptop up in my bedroom and watching my Netflix movie. Very low key. I’ve already done plenty today, though, and have a long day tomorrow and I need to rest. My mom keeps telling me it’s my job to grow a baby and I shouldn’t worry about anything else. So until the ants start marching in the kitchen, I guess I will be slothful. 🙂

One thought on “Bad Blogger

  1. So someone asked me when you’re due. I said, “Well I think Jessie might eb the kind of girl to keep news like this until the 3rd month… which would make her due in September.” At which point, I got totally excited. Are you due around my b-day???????

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