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Most blogs are better and more entertaining than mine, and since I’ve been updating less frequently I am sure you are overwhelmed with the need to see into someone else’s life. May I present Euros Ate My Dollars?

Way back in high school I knew these two kids, Ben and Brittany. I was fairly good friends with both of them freshmen and sophomore years (after which I became decidedly uncool. Somehow I managed to deceive people until then, I guess). Ben liked Brittany, and I think I was the go-between as her 14-year-old self coolly rejected him.

Now, I haven’t seen these people since graduation day, but of course, we’re Facebook friends and I ran across their blog through that. Apparently they are now actually in a relationship and traveling around Europe and Asia together. They are both really good writers, and I’ve adored reading their blog entries. Of course, their recent posts on Thailand and elephant trekking are especially close to my heart since that is something I can actually relate to–I’ve never been to Europe.

So don’t be dismayed at my lack of posting; instead, hike it over to Ben and Brittany‘s and have a good laugh.

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