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Oh my word. I just saw Paula Deen make this Chocolate Chip Pie on TV. I wish there were a picture because it looks like heaven on earth. I. Must. Have.

Unfortunately I am getting to the point where I am eating normally enough that I don’t feel like I can eat whatever I want. I am still mostly eating whatever I can stomach. I don’t throw up but I feel like I am going to about five times a day. Yuck. Just the thought of chicken is enough to make me want to be sick. I’m really kind of amazed at the chicken aversion … which I can no longer talk about because that involves thinking about chicken. Which would be stupid.

I’m off to Bible study tonight. Maybe I have time for a quick bubble bath before then … the perfect antidote to stinky days at work. Not that work is bad, it’s mostly me. I am going through the “what have I gotten myself into?” phase regarding the child in my womb! Scared!!!!

One thought on “Foodstuffs

  1. For nausea, get yourself some “Sea-Bands” at your local Target or pharmacy. They’re fantastic. They really helped with my nausea when I was recovering from my hysterectomy and apparently, many pregnant women find relief when using them, too.

    On Paula Deen, almost everything she makes looks good to me!

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