The Little Things

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Do you ever wonder what that weird thing is that everyone remembers about you after they’ve met you? I was thinking in the car on the way home yesterday, again about my girls that I did summer missions with. Man, did we have our quirks.

#1 really liked goats and was an insomniac.
#2 loved her a capella group and was doing vocal percussion all the time.
#4 was allergic to metal and couldn’t drink dark-colored sodas.

(I am #3.) Yes, we were a strange group, but we loved each other intensely–and still do, I think! I love them, at least. And we created our very own weird things together.

But I was sitting there thinking yesterday…what is the weird thing about me? The fact that I hate getting out of bed in the morning and was known to growl at people? My imagined relationship that summer? My shared hatred of capri pants (which I have forgone since then…)?

I really want to know. Unless it’s bad and the secret is that everyone hated me.

2 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. HI came over to see you from PBS – since you said “please!” Good post… ioften think that too! Recently god gave me an uncomfortable few weeks where it seemed like I was seeing myslef through other peoples’ eyes … like mainly from the past – what people thought of me! Wow it was eye-opening and not that pleasant … shiver.
    Nice meeting you!

  2. I remember that

    … said “sometimes I steal things and hide them!”


    ….. WEBBER!

    ps, I had totally forget that Em was allegic to metal! omg!



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