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I had the strangest lunch experience ever today. My friend Jennifer and I were going over to a place that is very near our office and where we’ve been before. It’s been there two years and I was pretty sure what I wanted. Well, when we got there, they had changed their menu so the thing I wanted was not there (chicken salad plate with fruit). Jennifer simply asked the waiter what had happened to that item.

The waiter leaves and brings back the manager or owner or somebody, who proceeds to give us a very long spiel over how they are now using all local-grown and fresh ingredients and nothing out of a can; how the new chicken salad is twice as good as the old chicken salad; how the new ideas matched their ideas of keeping the original building. Oh my word. It took forever. Then he said he would bring each of us a small dish of the NEW chicken salad and NEW fruit salad and if we didn’t like it, it was on the house.

So he brought it. I did not like the new chicken salad, although the new fruit was very good. And so when he came back, I told him that. I asked if I could instead have sweet potato fries, which they are famous for.

When he came back again, he brought us two dishes of the OLD chicken salad, and one dish of plain fruit. And no fries. He acted kind of snooty and threw them on the table. So I ate some of the old chicken salad and all of the fruit. Then we remembered the fries. We asked the waiter if he could please bring them, once we were able to get him to pay attention to us after about twenty minutes.

So he did finally. Thankfully they were free. All of this took over an hour and a half. It was insane and I felt awful for being out of the office for so long.

And then I came back and threw it up.

Probably because I’M PREGNANT! SURPRISE!

Or maybe they tried to poison me. I promise I wasn’t trying to be trouble. They made it that way.

4 thoughts on “Lunch

  1. I KNEW IT!!! I actually wrote you an email a couple weeks ago asking if you were pregnant, but decided it would be rude to ask. LOL


  2. I think this is quite possibly the best pregnancy announcement ever. It came with a clever story that involved puking. Well done!

    PS- I love you. 🙂

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