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To: All those who will be visiting my house in the near future

Dear Concerned Party,

I am glad you have found the time to visit my humble home. I thought I should provide you with the following information.

I will not be cooking. I will not be cleaning. The house will be full of dog hair and crumbs and Kool-Aid residue. I will probably be sleeping on the couch for the duration of your stay, including your waking hours. I hope you will not find this offensive.

Adam knows where the local Pizza Hut and Kroger are.

And if you eat my Doritos, prepare to die a cruel and painful death.

Thank you,
Current Resident

3 thoughts on “Notice

  1. Dear resident,
    I’m fine with you not cooking or cleaning but I do hope you will get up at some time during my visit and VISIT with me.
    This weekend’s visitor

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