Wish List of Randomness

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Things I am wanting right now:

1. DVD of “Enchanted.” I love it. I need it. If you want to buy it for me, you can click on the link to my Amazon wish list over to your right. And I will love you forever, right after I learn all the lyrics to “That’s How You Know” and go dancing down the street.

2. “Middle of Nowhere” acoustic album. You can only get it on hanson.net or I probably would already have given into temptation and bought on iTunes. Yes, I am a Hanson dork. No, I don’t care.

3. To beat Mr. V mercilessly at March Madness this year. Since I pick all my teams at complete random though, this doesn’t usually happen.

4. To have Friday off work to sleep…oh yay, I do!

Things I am Loving Right Now

1. Sleep.

2. Google reader. It has saved me so much time in surfing to sites multiple times a day to see if they have posted. I adore. I have 32 subscriptions. I know there is a way to share what they are, but I don’t know how, so oh well. If you really want to know, I’ll tell you.

3. That this will be the third year we will have Easter with our good friends Jake and Nicole. Easter 2006 was the first time I ever met them and they invited us to their home for a holiday! They are amazing and I can’t wait for Sunday!

4. And, of course, that it is Easter. That Jesus Christ died for me. That there’s nothing I can do to make Him love me more, and I can’t be bad enough to make Him love me less. He intercedes for me to the Father. I am so blessed and thankful to be a child of God.

One thought on “Wish List of Randomness

  1. 1. I also love Enchanted.
    2. I also want to beat Jesse in March Madness, but never do. At least I didn’t lose to his whole family last year. I usually pick the teams based on how much I like the team name or location. 🙂
    3. I miss you. Is there anything you want/need that can only be found in va? 🙂

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