Because Everybody Does It

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At least everybody in my world, which includes OhAmanda, BooMama, and Because I Said So.

The intriguing google searches which have brought people to my blog.

By far, I get the most hits from “My Big Fat Redneck Wedding.” Which is funny, because it’s not the actual name of the show (it’s just My Big Redneck Wedding). And just, because. Heh. Here’s the post on it if you’re interested!

why was sekky sick jade peony While I don’t remember a character named Sekky in Jade Peony, it doesn’t mean there wasn’t one. I have Baby Brain, where you can’t remember a lick of information.

sch Why on EARTH would this come to my blog? I did the search myself, went 10 pages, and couldn’t find where I was a result. I’m baffled. Anyone have any ideas??

i hate bowling I’m glad I’m not the only one. Although I don’t really hate bowling, I just hated the situation that day. And the next time I went, I bowled like 150. It was insane. If I remember right, I had another search for “Is it weird that I hate bowling?” that made me laugh too.

Wilson married Vanderbilt Really? Who’s Wilson?

vanderbilt teaspoon and vanderbilt mustard. Hehe.

dary strike. Yes, we should all really stop using that word dary. It’s lethal. Except in legen … dary!!

I’m totally not funny enough for this, but oh well. What really confuses me is people who search for Huh?? If you know the address…

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