Chatty Cathy…I mean Jessie

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I am usually a pretty quiet person, depending on how well I know you and how I feel about the topic we might be discussing. I have a long history of major shyness. For the most part I feel like I keep to myself except for a few people who I tend to let loose to.

And yet I feel like I spent the majority of today in conversation. It is kind of weird! I talked on the phone to my doctor’s office, my insurance people, Carnival, and Priceline trying to figure out doctor things and how it was being paid for and then whether or not they will let us go on the cruise in three weeks due to lack of any paper evidence. It was exhausting and slightly infuriating.

I also caught up with an old friend from my last job after lunch and we stood in the hallway and talked for half an hour. Then I talked to Joyce. And Stacey. And where did my afternoon go?

So then I had a long drive out to take dinner to Todd and Angie. I talked to someone on the way there and someone on the way back, and Angie for a good half an hour in between. I also talked to Mom in the grocery store because I couldn’t find something. And of course, being four states away, she would know where it was (she did).

I am talked out. I will practice monk-like silence for the rest of the night.

Just for anyone who cares–we had our 12-week appointment with the obstetrician today. Everything looks normal so far; we heard the baby’s heartbeat and heard a little tiny kick on the doppler! I am so relieved. I know a lot of people who have gone in for this appointment and had there not be a heartbeat. I can’t wait for the point where I will start feeling movement, even though I know that morphs into painful kicking! Right now I don’t really feel pregnant because I’m not sick, I don’t look bigger (I am, but it’s not really noticeably bigger), and I can’t feel any movement. But I am!! It’s so exciting to think about my little three-inch child swimming around in my tummy. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Chatty Cathy…I mean Jessie

  1. Yay! For a good appointment–I had my 16 week appt today. The doctor said she was impressed at my baby’s heartbeat! I guess it was very strong. So glad to hear good news about yours!

  2. I never got painful kicks and Im a small girl who had a big ol belly…and boy did he move alot!!! So cherish those movements, your gonna miss them so much once he/she is born!

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