Some Complaints about Tennessee

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OK, don’t get me wrong–I really do love living in Nashville. But I am a Virginian at heart. My two major complaints about living in Nashville are 1) It is SO far from ANY beach!! and 2) There are tornadoes. Often. And during The Office. I much prefer enduring hurricanes to tornadoes. There was one tornado the entire time I lived in Virginia.

My complaint of today is really silly, but here it goes: there is a serious lack of dollar stores in Nashville. In Chesterfield County, Virginia, there is a dollar store in every strip mall. Of course, you must be discerning and not go to the ones where things cost more than a dollar. Can we say LIARS!! I am guessing there are no “Everything’s $1.00” and whatnots here because Dollar General is based in Lebanon, just outside Nashville. So there are lots of DGs. Usually this does not bother me.

But there is one thing I really, Really, REALLY hate spending money on. And that is gift bags and greeting cards. I think they are obscenely overpriced. Usually I buy the plain-colored gift bags at Target and white tissue paper because they are the cheapest things I can find. But today I realized I needed a REALLY big gift bag for the baby shower I’m going to next weekend. And I remembered how I could get them at the dollar store in Richmond (and in Bellevue, the other part of Nashville we lived in, now that I think about it). So I made my first venture into the Dollar General Market near my house. I was able to get the huge gift bag and card for $3.50 total. I am still not thrilled everything’s not a dollar there, but I was pleased to at least get a bargain. I got the bag, card, two cans of tuna, an eight pack of crackers, tissue paper, and–my very guilty pleasure–off-brand Twizzlers for $8. I love the ones that taste kind of plasticy. Am I seriously demented? And poisoning my baby?

I have three more posts in my head but I will save those for another day. Apparently my writing skills have finally come back now that I am not quite so tired!! Carolyn is always harassing me about not writing enough, so here you are, Cullen! TWELVE POSTS A DAY! OK, not really. But I will try to post every day as long as I have something interesting to talk about.

3 thoughts on “Some Complaints about Tennessee

  1. Hey, Girlfriend! There used to be an “Everything’s a Dollar Store” at Rivergate, but I think it went out of business. There are Family Dollar stores, but they are nothing but junk.

    OK, now I think you’re certifiably crazy or maybe it’s those pregnancy hormones: You prefer hurricanes over tornadoes? How many hurricanes have you been in? I’ve been through a tornado and no an earthquake but hope to goodness I’m spared any hurricanes!

    C U Monday!

  2. I love your blog. It brings back memories. 9 years ago right after my hubby and I got married he started grad school at UF (but he almost chose Vanderbilt. You never know, he may end up teaching there some day.

  3. Hey, there! Nice to “meet” a fellow Nashvillian!

    Email me what part of town you frequent. There are Dollar Trees just about everywhere and I seem to have a radar for them : )

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