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Some days I hate working, but my office is pretty cool. It is super nice to be able to pray for people during our big department meetings. And we had revival this week.

OK, on to what this post is really about….The Office!

Oh, The Office, how do I love thee?

I had never seen an episode of the office before one of my long plane rides … to Brazil, I think. It was the episode where Michael goes to Ryan’s business school and gives a talk. At the time, I thought it was the stupidest thing I’d ever seen and no wonder I hadn’t ever watched the show.

Well, then a short while later Mr. V started watching season 1 on Netflix Instant Watch. I occasionally watched a snippet but still maintained it was stupid. And then, I kept watching. And I began to realize that you have to watch several episodes before you start to “get it.”

And then it is stinking hilarious. There are some times when Michael’s inappropriateness is more painful than funny, but most of the time everything is ridiculous and entertaining.

And now I have suffered a painful addiction to the show. Last week, during the first return episode since the strike, we were having tornadoes and bad storms in neighboring counties. AND THEY CUT OFF THE LAST FIVE MINUTES FOR WEATHER REPORTS. I was indignant, outraged, and appalled. And anything else you can be. Does this mean my priorities are not in order?

I always say I don’t watch much TV but that has changed as of late. Perhaps due to the vast amount of sitting around I am doing because I am exhausted by the end of the work day. Somebody just kill me if I start planning my life around TV though, will you? I couldn’t stand myself if I did that.

Just adding on, later: I was not a big fan of tonight’s episode. It seemed really lame. Also, what do you think will happen with Jim and Pam? Will they really stay together? Something bad has to happen, right, to keep us watching??!

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