too much

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Angie had the baby yesterday about 2:30. Audrey Caroline went peacefully to Heaven after being with her parents and sisters for two hours.

At the same time, one of my coworkers was having surgery.

Another one found out that she has breast cancer.

And this morning a third coworker comes in, all of these good friends at work, and looks awful. He shared that two of his best friends died in a plane crash yesterday.

Why??? Why is it that not only is our team terribly divided and hurting because of management decisions, but we are also going through this? Two women are having problems with elderly mothers–one mother may have to have the bottom of her leg amputated.

I want to bawl, and I think I might go do that. I don’t understand. And in some ways, I am waiting for what is going to happen to me.

One thought on “too much

  1. You’re right. It IS too much! I heard about the plane crash yesterday. Are they friends of Dale’s?

    I spoke with Joyce for a few minutes yesterday after I read her email about breast cancer. I feel so bad for her, especially since she has no family here other than John. Folks at her church and at work will have to step up to the plate and help her. And she is tough!

    I’m doing great … just a little sore. OK, a whole lot sore. Otherwise no problems.

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